How does Limouzik work ?

Limouzik is limited to the more used chords. The nine fundamental keys are related with a color code. Hence, Limouzik get rid of the music theory.

Beside, each time a fundamental note is played, the all keyboard is reconfigured according to this new chord.

Complete chords can be played with a single key which simplify the technical level and the fingering.

Limouzik stays a live instrument because each note listened has been played by the user.

Here you’ll learn more about the simple use of Limouzik and the divers keyboard parts.

Caution !

Limouzik is based on new technologies so you’ll have to test your devices before.

Indeed, if you use a browser which doesn’t recognize the API we work with or if you have an old device, you may encounter latency or even worst (crash, bugs, not allowed to see the application,…)

Please be carefull and test your devices first !